Erdene Baatar Ochir - 27th April 2022

Losang Tayang

Series: Mongolian authors writing in Tibetan language preserved at the National Library of Mongolia

Losang Tayang (Blo bzang rta dbyangs, 1867-1937), a.k.a. Lubsangdayang (Zaba Damdin)

O mind of Compassion, how astounding
That you are exclusively devoted to the welfare of others.
But how much more astounding that you do this
Without hope of reward and without conceit.
  – Verses Praising Great Compassion (Snying rje chen po’i bstod pa)

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Losang Tayang, often known as Zawa Tamdin (Rtsa ba rta mgrin), was born in the Dayičin Beyis banner of Khalkha Mongolian Tüsiyetü Qan province (Delgertsogt, Dundgov’) and was educated in Kunga Chöling monastic college of Ih Hüree. His fame as a sophisticated scholar spread all over the Geluk world in Mongolia and Tibet. Among many works in various genres, his History of the Dharma in Mongolia (Hor chos byung) is probably his most celebrated piece among traditional Buddhist and western scholars alike, as it reflects his consultation of a wide range of sources. His collected works were compiled into twelve volumes which were later republished in India as seventeen volumes in 1975/6.

ALL is actively preserving the National Library of Mongolia where the writings of these fascinating scholars exist.

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