The Asian Legacy Library believes that safeguarding the cultural literary wisdom traditions of the world for future generations is a priority for humankind.

As a global non-profit organization, the Asian Legacy Library provides a combination of technology, scholarship, and partnership to locate, digitally preserve, and safeguard the priceless cultural wisdom literature of the world. Scholars, translators, and authors are then able to reference our Collections in order to keep these teaching traditions alive in the world for current and future generations.


Our collective knowledge and participation in the process of preserving literary wisdom traditions for over three decades simply make us a richer library. We partner with preservationists in locating, scanning, inputting, and cataloguing the texts themselves, and in the end our product is a comprehensive, fluid, and accessible database available to any interested party.

Our talented global team—with decades of digital preservation and library experience—reflects the depth of our commitment. 

Although our organization is a relatively new entity, many of the personnel working with ALL today have been involved in the world of preservation for over thirty years. These scholars, technologists, and input operators have contributed to providing us with the majority of our library’s content. 

Our input has come from projects located across multiple continents and includes a wide variety of textual wisdom traditions.