Arina - 23rd August 2023

John Brady: A Journey Through Ancient Wisdom, Meditation, and Global Impact

John Brady is honored to serve the Asian Legacy Library as the Executive Director. 

Guided by Buddhist masters, John’s path embraced Japanese Zen and Tibetan practices. His transformative 3-year silent retreat, starting in 2011, encapsulates his unwavering commitment to inner growth.

For over a decade, John studied and practiced meditation with Eido Shimano Roshi, an authentic master and lineage holder in the Rinzai tradition of Japanese Zen Buddhism. John was on the board of directors of The Zen Studies Society from 1985 to 1995. In 1996, John began a rigorous 36-course study program based in the Tibetan Buddhist traditions, which culminated in him entering a 3-year, 3-month, 3-day silent meditation retreat on December 26th of 2011. 

As the Executive Director of the Asian Legacy Library, John is dedicated to the mission of keeping timeless wisdom alive for the benefit of the communities where ALL works and for people around the world, now and far into the future. 

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