John Brady - 19th October 2023

Imagine a Library as a Garden

We are building a library to preserve the wisdom literature of Asian cultures for the benefit of future generations. In a rapidly changing world exposed to globalization, the roots of traditional cultures can be easily severed. While we welcome the advancements and affluence that technology can offer, we understand that for societies to flourish in an authentic manner they need a strong connection to their heritage. This heritage is like the enriched soil where new generations can grow and apply new styles and ideas.

Imagine a library as a garden where the human spirit can find its own deepest treasures, a carefully curated space where we can engage in dialogue with the most brilliant minds of history. One strolls through a grove of fragrant flowers or ancient fruit trees and finds there, even now, Buddha Shakyamuni, Zhuangzi, or perhaps Shankaracharya teaching to a crowd of eager listeners.

It is only because people have maintained libraries in the past that the possibility that wisdom offers—to achieve our highest potential—is presently available. 

This is why we take our job very seriously. ALL is an expansive digital repository that facilitates scholarly inquiry and practical application of South and East Asian literary gems. We are committed to rendering these texts to be accessible in contemporary formats and to supplying tools that facilitate their study. Our true accomplishment lies in the transmission of the wisdom and values encapsulated within these texts.

Our task faces great challenges. Our process begins with locating rare texts housed in ancient monasteries or remote collections worldwide. These texts are then cataloged, digitized, translated, and made available through a network of alliances with local communities, scholars, and tech professionals. Although this requires a great deployment of resources, it allows us to make a positive impact on the communities that have long been the custodians of this priceless wisdom. We take pride in having imparted technological and linguistic knowledge to hundreds of individuals, a significant number of whom are women.

Creating a library is akin to cultivating a garden: it requires diligent effort, but it is also a joyous and meritorious act. For knowledge, once unlocked and shared, becomes our collective wealth. We rejoice in being able to help keep wisdom alive during these trying times, and we share any merit that might be accumulated with all of you.

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