There are many ways you can support Asian Legacy Library.

ALL now has 5 preservation centers located in Mongolia, India, and Nepal. These centers digitize and catalog the cultural wisdom heritage of China, India, Nepal and Mongolia. Projects currently include a massive collection of Buddhist manuscripts in Tibetan language and several large collections of yogic manuscripts in Sanskrit.

Our operations are funded by an enthusiastic global patron base on 5 continents. Some of them have partnered with us from the outset, and others have come to us more recently. In both cases, the understanding and passion for supporting ALL is undeniable and provides a sustaining, resilient foundation.

Our focus is educating global entrepreneurs on the benefits of philanthropy and preserving their cultural legacy for future generations.

Won’t you please consider donating to our crucial project?

General Fund

A donation to Asian Legacy Library, click here.

Free Library Dissemination

Asian Legacy Library makes all the material it preserves available free of charge.  To support this activity, please consider making a donation to support free library dissemination.

Storage Facility

Please consider donating to our storage facility fund.

We are launching a capital campaign to purchase a business—Castle Rock Mini Storage—that will generate profits to underwrite rent and utilities at our two-story building in Sedona, Arizona, called the Red Western Tower. The Red Western Tower building houses Diamond Cutter Institute (DCI)Sedona College of International Management (SCIM)Asian Classics Institute (ACI), and Diamond Cutter Press.

The purchase of Castle Rock Mini Storage will generate a net profit of $175,000 each year. We will use this income to pay for overhead expense and maintenance of the building. This means that DCI, SCIM, ACI, and Diamond Cutter Press can use the money they raise each year for programs, and will not have to use it to pay rent in the Tower.

It will cost $5M to purchase Castle Rock Mini Storage. Won’t you please help with a storage facility fund donation?