Erdene Baatar Ochir - 11th April 2022

Ngawang Khedrup

Series: Mongolian authors writing in Tibetan language preserved at the National Library of Mongolia

Ngawang Khedrup (Ngag dbang mkhas grub, 1779-1838), a.k.a. Aǧvangqayidub

“Isolated from the hustle and bustle of the mind, one is a hermit.
Casting away the conception of self, one is a renunciate.
Correcting the afflictions when they arise, one is a practitioner.
Conquering one’s own mental apprehension, one is a meditator.”
  – A Story of the Old Man and Woman (Rgan rgon pho mo’i lo rgyus)

Ngawang Khedrup was a renowned scholar and abbot of Khalkha Mongolian Ih Hüree monastery, the main seat of the Jebtsundampas. He was born in Mandal near Ih Hüree and studied in Tashi Chöpel Dratsang (bkra shis chos ’phel grwa tshang), a Buddhist philosophy college in Ih Hüree, and in Drepung (’Bras spungs) Monastery in Lhasa. During his abbacy, Ih Hüree grew in its size, prosperity, and educational quality to an important Buddhist learning center in Mongolia. His collected works, consisting of five volumes published in Ih Hüree, contain writings in various genres—tantric and philosophical commentaries, prayers, polemics, biographies, rituals, narratives, monastic records, advice, art instructions, among others.

A full biography is available on Treasury of Lives.

ALL is actively preserving the National Library of Mongolia where the writings of these fascinating scholars exist.

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