alldmn - 7th October 2021


Nick’s primary role at the Asian Legacy Library is managing the programs being run in our preservation partner centers in South Asia. 

After completing his B.E. in mechanical engineering, Nick undertook extensive studies in Buddhist and yogic philosophies. His business background includes managing a successful start-up landscaping design business and as a consultant to a start-up yoga apparel company, helping manage its growth into mainstream markets.  

In addition to directing ALL’s input of timeless wisdom literature, he is the executive director of the Diamond Cutter Classics translation organization, which is responsible for translating the Asian Legacy Library’s preservation product into English and other modern languages. He also works as a professor at Sedona College of International Management and is a staff instructor for Diamond Cutter Institute, as well as its director of new content development. 

Nick resides in Sedona, Arizona, with his wife and daughter.

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