Alejandro Martínez Gallardo - 27th September 2021

Alejandro Martinez Gallardo

Alejandro Martínez Gallardo is a writer, editor, translator, and independent scholar of religions. He has also worked developing cultural magazines and creating strategies for content creation.

He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Media Studies from Universidad Iberoamericana. After working in media, writing and producing content, he had a philosophical turn of sorts. He co-founded Cadena Áurea with Dr. Ernesto Priani to promote Platonic and Hermetic philosophies. In 2019, Alejandro traveled to South Asia to immerse himself in Mahāyāna Buddhism, studying under various Buddhist masters in Nepal and obtaining an MA in Buddhis Studes from Rangjung Yeshe Institute in Kathmandu.

Alejandro is passionate about languages and preservation of ancient cultures of wisdom, particularly Sanskrit language and culture. Currently, he writes for popular media sites, contributes to academic publications, and serves as an advisor to Fundación Dondé and as a contributor of, a proyect to provide resources to practice Buddhism in Sanskrit.

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