Digital Technology


Digital Technology: The Foundation of the Asian Legacy Library 

At the heart of  the Asian Legacy Library’s (ALL) mission is the digital preservation of literary sources for all of the wisdom traditions of Asia. ALL serves collection owners and collection stewards using two key digital programs: preservation and access. Preserving texts requires two broad domains of technology: imaging and archiving.  Making texts accessible requires access services utilizing web technologies.

Preservation Technologies

  • Digitization requires sophisticated image capture technology, including digital single lens reflex medium format cameras, lighting, and copy stands.
  • Archiving and storage requires network attached storage devices, redundant arrays of hard drives and cloud storage

Access Service Technologies

  • ALL uses the industry standard for access, International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF).  The IIIF image viewer allows text images to be viewed and shared on the web across multiple platforms and devices.
  • ALL employs custom built input text searching and viewing so that transcribed texts can be searched across millions of pages.
  • ALL makes URLs available for reference and citation makes accessible and its data APIs to allow websites to reference collection data internally

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