The Nagarjuna Institute of Buddhist Studies


The Nagarjuna Institute of Buddhist Studies, Nepal

In 2018, Asian Legacy Library (ALL) established a collaboration with Nagarjuna Institute of Buddhist Studies (NIBS), a trusted local partner, to ensure that Nepal’s surviving manuscript culture and collections are safe and secure. At present, ALL and NIBS are engaged in two projects dedicated to the preservation of texts: the Nine Sutra (nava-sūtra) collection of Mahayana Buddhist scriptures and a multi-year project to locate, digitize, catalog, and digitally input thousands of pages of dharanis, looked upon by followers of

Mahayana Buddhism for the past 2,000 years as records of some of the Buddha’s most profound teachings.NIBS offers language and transcription training to local Nepalis to transcribe different Nepali scripts. Now with a staff of eight, ALL is supporting NIBS, a successful input, cataloging and text preservation operation.

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