Kerala Preservation Center


Kerala Preservation Center, India 

The well-respected scholar Dr. V. N. Ramachandran of Phlghat, Kerala, India has been preserving endangered texts in Southern India for forty years. His work has led him to photograph manuscripts, rare printed books, and palm leaf manuscripts in inaccessible collections throughout Southern India. For nearly half a century, this extraordinary digital repository has supported the work of scholars of Indology from around the globe, who have worn a path to his door to benefit from his guidance, expertise, and his prodigious digital collection.

ALL proudly sponsors Dr. Ramachandran’s text preservation initiatives. Dr. Ramachandran is an epic traveler and has scoured obscure and previously undocumented  libraries throughout Southern India for decades.  Currently his operation spans manuscripts, rare printed books and palm leaf manuscripts from 390 libraries from across Southern India.

ALL rejoices in the incredible work of  Dr. Ramachandran, and we are proud to partner with Dr. Ramachandran to digitally preserve this exceptional and steadfastly curated collection for all time.

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