alldmn - 7th October 2021

Osiris Luciano

Osiris Luciano is a committed artist and filmmaker. 

His primary responsibility with the Asian Legacy Library is to bring to life, in the most exciting and resonant ways, the stories that make our mission so special. His unique relationship with our global supporters provides him with extraordinary insight into the storytelling that will resonate best with them.

His professional work embraces the concept of value-based entertainment. His early debut was at the prestigious International Short Film Festival in Oberhausen, Germany, where his film was awarded best short film. His work has also subsequently been featured in many film festivals worldwide.  

For over 20 years, Osiris has been directing and producing short films, documentaries, video-clips, experimental projects, and commercials. In recent years, he has been working primarily in Europe and Asia. 

Osiris studied marketing at the Universidad de Monterrey, and then attended film school in Mexico City at the Associaćon Mexicana de Coneastas Indepenientes. Osiris believes that cinema is a powerful tool beyond its commercial reach, in that storytelling can awaken people’s minds and hearts in profound ways.

Osiris lives in Monterrey, Mexico, with his partner and two dogs, Skyla and Greta.

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