Rare Dharani Text


Sponsor the Preservation of a Rare Dharani Text

In collaboration with the Kathmandu-based Nagarjuna Institute of Buddhist Studies, the Asian Legacy Library launched a groundbreaking project in 2020 to preserve thousands of manuscript pages of Sanskrit Buddhist literature known as dharani

Sometimes translated as “spells,” these brief texts are understood by diverse Buddhist communities across vast spans of time and geography to have been taught by Shakyamuni Buddha for two key purposes: first, to provide protection against worldly misfortune and calamity, and second, to distill the essence of the Buddhist teachings, the Dharma. 

Daily dharani practice exists to this day throughout the Kathmandu Valley, and due to the pristine reputation of the Nagarjuna Institute, hundreds of private families are willing to “lend” their scripture to our preservation center to be digitized, cataloged, and safeguarded in our digital library, to be returned to them once our work is done.

Please consider sponsoring the preservation of a dharani text.

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