National Library

of Mongolia


Sponsor the Preservation of a Vulnerable Manuscript or Woodblock Print at the National Library of Mongolia

The National Library of Mongolia is an extraordinary cultural treasure house which holds traditional Mongolian knowledge from across multiple generations. 

Since 2018, ALL has been consolidating, documenting, and restoring the library’s collections, a project of critical importance for not only  the Mongolian nation, but the entire global literary preservation community. Rituals, epic stories, traditional medicine, architecture, music, vast commentaries and sutras of Buddhism are documented in the historical literature of Mongolia.

From the thirteenth century on, this body of work was safeguarded in private libraries, homes, and small institutions, forming a stable cultural foundation throughout the country.  Luckily today, this rich cultural bedrock is housed in the National Library of Mongolia archives, and ALL, in partnership with the Buddhist Digital Resource Center and the Khyentse Foundation, has the historic opportunity to digitize and share this incredible treasure house forever.

Please consider sponsoring the preservation of critical Mongolian heritage

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