Translate & Curate

ALL is building a team of Chinese translators, called Team Pure Gold. The team currently consists of 40 staff and volunteers, and is constantly growing. Pure Gold aims to translate primary source works into modern Chinese. It has a secondary goal of translating other modern works of interest (such as recent English translation of a commentary by Choney Lama on the Diamond Cutter Sutra) into modern Chinese,.

ALL also selects the most important works, those of greatest interest to people across the world today, and curates them. We create videos or apps that use aspects of the ancient wisdom contained in these works, putting selections in modern idioms. These select, curated works are easier for busy people to use. They contain short extracts in modern terms in easy-to-use mobile apps, and are made available on a subscription basis.

Pure Gold Translation Project 

Translating the great classics into modern Chinese

Pure Gold Translation Project is translating the ancient classics of Asia into modern Chinese, making them accessible to the largest language group in the world.

Pure Gold translation team will complete the modern Chinese translations of the Diamond Cutter Classics Series.

The team is currently translating a series called Xuanzang’s Legacy, a series that is 8 volumes in the source languages and includes:

  • The Sutra Called  What I Really Meant
  • A great Chinese commentary to that Sutra by a Master Yuance (613-696), a major disciple of Master Xuanzang (c. 602-664)
  • The Essence of Eloquence, by Je Tsongkapa (1357-1419)

The works translated by the Pure Gold translation team provide the foundation for the China Soft Power Global Executive Training.  This training’s purpose is to give birth to “Junzi businessmen”; which are businesspeople who are great examples of both achieving business success and mastering Chinese culture, working to make the whole world a happy and successful place.