alldmn - 1st January 2018

Stanley Chen

Stanley Chen is a certified professor and the director of innovation for Diamond Cutter Institute Global. He has been studying, practicing, and teaching the timeless Diamond Cutter Wisdom since 2011, and he has often served as the main Mandarin translator for Michael Roach since 2014.

Stanley is also an ancient wisdom text translator for the Diamond Cutter Classics Translation Project in the US. He and his partner Xiaoping Zhou launched the Pure Gold Translation Project in order to train and support Chinese translators in ancient wisdom translations. In 2017, they founded both the Future Diamond Academy and Silk Road Renaissance, each of which conduct China Soft Power’s Global Executive Training for elite business executives to help them expand their international businesses through the power of applying timeless wisdom.

In addition to serving on the board of the Asian Legacy Library, Stanley is also a board member of the Diamond Mountain Retreat Center, one of the largest retreat centers in the world.

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