alldmn - 7th October 2021


Jeff is a digital library consultant  for the Asian Legacy Library. 

He brings 20 years of experience in digital cultural preservation to the Asian Legacy Library. With a background in technology, he has conceptualized, implemented, and managed historic preservation projects. As founder and co-architect of Buddhist Digital Archives ( and founder of the Sanskrit and Chinese Buddhist Library Network, he brought together cutting-edge technology to facilitate the connection of disparate collections into a central hub.

He is the founder of the program Digitizing, Archiving and Making Accessible the National Library of Mongolia; founder of the Fragile Palm Leaves Preservation program; founder and architect of the Harvard Digital Repository Service program for Long-Term Preservation of Tibetan Texts; and was lead mission evangelist, fundraiser, strategist, architect, and executive director of the Buddhist Digital Resource Center for 17 years.

He would like to see wisdom cultures flourish in current and future generations.

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