Preserving cultural heritage requires digital rights and access policies that protect the legal and cultural rights of all stakeholders.  Stakeholders include collection owners, preservation organizations, translators, and scholars. A driving force behind ALL’s mission is to maximize access to cultural works to sustain the living traditions of wisdom.  At the same time, ALL recognizes the need to fully represent the integrity inherent in the cultural traditions of the world and deeply respects the role that collection owners and preservation organizations play in preserving cultural heritage. In some cases, ALL will restrict access to works published in its library based on specific cultural commitments to and requests from collection owners, or other stakeholders. 

These digital rights and access policies are based on ideas promulgated by E. Gene Smith and are in effect at Buddhist Digital Resource Center.Open Access

Open Access

ALL distributes some works in the Public Domain. Users are free to share and adapt them for any purpose, even commercial ones. We ask users to credit ALL where possible.Restricted Access

Copyright and Fair Use

ALL applies section 108 copyright analyses to its works. Copyright protects works from being copied and distributed 70 years after the death of an author in the US and 50 years after the death of an author in China. ALL restricts access to copyrighted works and only provides fair use sample images for such works. ALL cannot grant or deny requests to publish materials that are under copyright.

Cultural Restrictions

ALL restricts access to some works because of the nature of their content and out of respect for cultural traditions. The holders of the traditions request these restrictions.