ALL believes universal wisdom from ancient sources helps people in the modern world succeed and achieve happiness in their work and their lives.

A New Idea: Success through Giving

Much of ALL’s work focuses on using the traditional practice of generosity to increase success. We emphasize the importance and benefits of a philanthropic outlook in life and in business. Through our training and consulting activities, ALL helps instill the goal of advancing philanthropy among entrepreneurs globally.

ALL educates our wisdom clients in philanthropy, helping them acquire the knowledge and tools they need to understand and further their philanthropic legacy. These tools are useful in supporting family legacy and family business.

ALL helps entrepreneurs connect philanthropy and legacy, and philanthropy and business. ALL’s methodology trains individuals to create concrete business and social plans based on relevant ancient wisdom principles, to execute philanthropic endeavors and to monitor their results.

Helping Wisdom Clients Succeed

At ALL, we help our wisdom clients to effectively incorporate philanthropy in their ongoing business and social work.