John Brady

John Brady has been a spiritual seeker all his life. Raised in the U.S. in upstate New York, as a young man he decided against going into his family’s business in favor of pursuing a passion for art. John received a scholarship at New York City’s prestigious Studio School, where he studied and painted for 3 years. His spiritual life flourished throughout this time as he deepened his study and practiced in the Zen tradition for 13 years under the guidance of Eido Shimano Roshi. He became a board member of the New York Zen Studies Society. Finding himself in need of a steady job, he eventually went into the merchandising industry, rising to executive-level ranks with a well-known international merchandiser, Lilian Vernon Corporation. Throughout his career, John worked in cultural preservation, specializing in Asian literary and wisdom heritage. In 2018, John founded the Asian Legacy Library, a 501 c 3 corporation which is dedicated to preserving and sharing ancient Asian wisdom. Today, John travels the world, finding and preserving ancient wisdom texts. He has devoted his life to making wisdom available free to everyone, and is a sought-after teacher and speaker. John’s home base is in Sedona, Arizona, USA.

Stanley Chen

Stanley Chen graduated from the University of South China, and in the seven years since then has devoted himself to a global vision of preserving ancient Asian wisdom. He is both creative and practical in bringing beautiful and precious works of ancient wisdom back to his mother country, in digital format, from places it has been scattered over millennia. Stanley is building a team of translators, called the Team Pure Gold, who translate both ancient texts into modern Chinese, and modern translations of ancient wisdom into accessible Chinese. Stanley is always interested to hear from you at (

Alison Zhou

Xiao-ping Zhou, often known as Alison, was born in China and holds a bachelor’s degree in English linguistics and literature. She loves learning ancient languages and studying the classics, and is devoted to translating them into modern languages. She has been learning and practicing Eastern wisdom for more than seven years. Her dream is to help spread these ideas so that modern people can live a happier lives.