About Asian Legacy Library (ALL)

In the twenty-first century, these valuable texts of ancient wisdom are located in libraries, institutions and collections throughout the world. ALL’s teams go on-site to work with the caretakers of such collections. ALL donates technology, trains management to scan and catalog these works, ALL makes them available online for everyone. Scholars have access to the raw material, and ALL also adds value by curating aspects of the material and offering it via subscription to people interested in particular subjects. This involves extracting and distilling the crux of the wisdom and translating it into modern languages.

Main Goals

One of ALL’s main goals is to help advance philanthropy in countries across the globe. Much of ALL’s work focuses on using the traditional practice of generosity to increase success, and the importance and benefits of a philanthropic outlook in life and in business.

ALL educates young philanthropists, helping them acquire the knowledge and tools they need to understand and further their philanthropic legacy. These tools are useful in supporting family legacy and family business. ALL helps young entrepreneurs connect philanthropy and legacy, and philanthropy and business.